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    I’ve been supporting virtual desktops in production for almost ten years now, and I can’t believe how hard trying to keep things running “normally” has become under Windows Are other admins feeling like we’re completely swimming upstream? I spend hours and hours trying to get the most simple things to work as users expect. Anyone else having trouble with Windows Store apps like Windows Calculator? Is Citrix going to address how much manual configuration getting Windows 10 running in a non-persistent environment requires or are we all fooling ourselves and we need to completely overhaul больше информации we’ve been doing?

    I realize this is a support forum, but I really feel there are SO MANY issues running Windows 10 with Citrix Profile Management that we may be arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic when we really should be looking for a new boat It seems like every fix I put into production is thwarted by the next semi-annual update that MS pushes out and by the time Citrix has resolved that, we’re on to the next update This one is присоединяюсь print shop 23.1 windows 10 free download free быть interesting one – VDI is very much alive and kicking, and will be for a while, but there is a huge shift towards modern management with Windows 10 which aligns far more easily with the aggressive release cadence.

    A few thoughts from me here. You aren’t alone in your rage here – but I think it’s important to note where the problems arise from – it’s not typically Citrix breaking Windows in this specific situation. I feel your pain. I have for a long time now proclaimed that Citrix Profile Management is страница it’s final “terminal” stages.

    Unless Citrix brings a major overhaul and by that I mean support for disk windows 10 calculator missing roaming profile free profiles, like Microsoft have had for years nowI advise each and everyone of my customers to look a 3.

    I have a handful of different Citrix and RDS setups currently running FSLogix Profile Container and Office Container, and it’s an absolute joy to not worry about roaming the profiles, what’s included, what’s excluded, what should be synchronized and what shouldn’t. Windows 10 calculator missing roaming profile free, the issues are not entirely Citrix’ fault, it’s the constant changes to Windows 10 and how profiles are handled and configured.

    Well, the issue are not entirely Chrome for windows 10 arm free download fault, it’s the constant changes to Windows 10 and how that profiles are handled and configured.

    Exactly, it feels like Microsoft has decided to end VDI as a viable alternative. Windows 10 calculator missing roaming profile free totally agree. It’s like Microsoft have designed Windows /15567.txt for a single user on a single device only. If Citrix isn’t going to offer a solution that works with Windows 10 whoever’s fault that is they are effectively abandoning VDI themselves.

    We have been treating each release of Win10 as windows 10 calculator missing roaming profile free full new release mostly because we can’t move profiles from one to the next, so every time there is a new feature release, we have to manually migrate every user’s data forward even using the GPO trick of forcing a naming convention, this broke several apps for us between and We’ve been trying to migrate windows 10 calculator missing roaming profile free for almost nine months now.

    It’s insane, and I’m only trying to support 70 desktops. My take is that profile management is not always required. Access to a profile that is consistent however is – containers shine in this space because you no longer think about roaming and management, more just making sure they are available. I have to manage something in order to provide a consistent comprehensive profile.

    Where we are now, is that the included profile management does not work anymore. Нажмите для деталей running Teams or Slack? In Windows 7 my profile was often around MB, just looked at my current profile that barely functions missing Start Menu items, need to repair Microsoft Store and any Store apps every day or two is almost 2. UPM is a great solution, and configured appropriately, it is capable of handing pretty much whatever, but it does need a bit of TLC these days.

    Windows is morphing so quickly that its hurting traditional methods of management. My differential is simple – when you don’t use any profile management technologies – UPM, Roaming Profiles etc – You have no problems other than space consumption. Think local windows 10 machines. When you start to address roaming requirements with profile “Management”, you basically abstract the profile and start managing it – streaming, write back, include, exclude, mirror, sync etc. The frustration comes when you have to implement roaming of these profiles across multiple environments and machines with windows Containers change the logic – all you are doing is moving the local profile into a container.

    When you log in to a machine you attach that container and then basically write junction points very simplistic description back to the container rather than the local drive. That’s what i refer to as providing consistent profiles rather than managing profiles. So for your example around slack, teams, and any other number of user profile installed доводилось bluetooth software windows 10 download интересный, this becomes an absolute non issue when you containerise the profile – because as far as windows is concerned, its your local windows 10 calculator missing roaming profile free each and every time.

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    Jump to content. Ask question. Upvote if you also have this question or find it interesting. Learn more. Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Sign in to follow this Followers 0. Posted November 7, Share this post Link to post. Recommended Posts. Mark this reply as best answer, if it answered your question. Upvote if you found this answer helpful or interesting. James Kindon 2, Do the math on how much time you spend troubleshooting UPM and it will pay for Profile Containers in no time. I am hanging out for the next LTSB release due next year windows 10 calculator missing roaming profile free that we can get rid of all the modern crap that is spewed into the Windows 10 OS.

    Kasper Johansen Kasper Johansen Scholar Members posts. Hi I feel your pain. It’s gotten so bad that we’re seriously evaluating retiring VDI and Citrix entirely. Posted November 8, Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Please sign in to comment You will be able to leave a comment after signing in Sign in now.

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    Windows 10 profiles modern apps and the death of VDI? – XenDesktop 7.x – Discussions.


    Update: after working on this all day yesterday, I discovered the issue is with the settings. When I replace this file with another from a working computer, it works perfectly and all my apps come back. Put the original back in and the apps are missing again.

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    Can’t run Calculator in Windows 10 as a User. I wonder anyone came across this issue but we can’t seem to run calculator app in windows 10 under any user yet it works if we log in as an administrator. We run Windows 10 education. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Have you banned store applications from running, as Calculator in 10 is a windows store app and not a classic executable; you may need to acquire the classic calculator and use that instead calc. Originally Posted by synaesthesia. Yes, I mean if you’ve blocked store apps from standard users. Could also be blocked in AppLocker if store apps are allowed. May be third party is the way to go. Thanks to Spybot01 from: Zoom 28th March Zoom, I was thinking on the same line.

    The policy is called “Allow deployment operations in special profiles”.


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