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    Although this title is still in the earliest of stages. All the editors have gotten on the third release is some preliminary character art. Although that really isn’t much for a proto, hopefully you’ll agree that what they have already looks great. That’s because it’s coming out for the PlayStation, and the game is played entirely in a richly detailed 3-D environment. Playing the game is like playing a conventional, three-fourths-perspective RPG. This ability to shift the camera’s view makes the environment more interactive with the adventurers.

    Now players have to pay attention to the scenery rather than just walk through it. Breath of Fire 3’s plot isn’t a continuation of the previous games, although it is set in the same world of Dragon Clans and evil super beings. Players control Ryu, a young man with a very strange childhood. It seems that Ryu was once a baby dragon. The game opens with a couple of miners stumbling across Ryu in his tiny dragon form.

    Ryu is encased in a gem, and the miners blast him free. They capture the baby dragon and put him on a train, but he shakes his cage off the train and escapes. He turns into a little boy and is adopted by a family in a village.

    Ryu spends the rest of the game trying to figure out who he is and where he came from. His quest will take him across oceans, over deserts and through forests as he learns how he is related to the legendary Dragon Clan. It’s loaded with cut scenes, battles are turn-based, and Ryu and the other characters who join him in his quest can use a variety of magic attacks and weapons. This RPG may be running a little late, but it looks like it’s going to be worth the wait. BoF3 takes the traditional RPG elements from the previous BoF games and plops them into a 3-D world, which you can rotate around your party to a limited extent.

    Your ability to rotate the view is vital to success, since treasures and people may be hidden by buildings or trees. BoF3 isn’t a continuation of the previous games, but it’s set in the same dragon-infested world. Breath of Fire 3 is a role-playing video game set in a fantasy universe. It is often said to be the best of the series currently consisting of five games. Being an RPG, it naturally features a rich background story, aiming to create an immersive gaming experience.

    The game follows the adventures of Ryu, a young boy of unknown origins and with the incredible ability to transform into a dragon. The story begins with a baby dragon emerging from a mine and, following its capture, escapes but falls unconscious and takes the form of the boy. After being found by a cat-like humanoid named Rei, they set off on a journey, meeting more companions along the way.

    It should be noted that although it is a series, there is no real continuity between games. Instead, each installment presents a story centered on Ryu, but different than the others. Still, characters may recur. Breath of Fire 3 is the first game of the series to use 3D graphics, albeit only for the environment; the characters are still displayed with 2D sprites, but even so, they are superbly animated.

    The rotating camera is used to great effect, as it allows you to search behind walls and find hidden items, paths or characters. The music is sets the mood and is not at all repetitive, while the small additions, like the crackling of a fireplace or roars during battle add depth to the game. Attention to detail goes a long way. At any time you can only have three characters with you, and you are forced to keep Ryu in your party at all times.

    Moreover, when entering one of the dungeons present in the game, you must have specific members with you. This is because they all have special abilities which can be used outside combat to progress.

    For example, Rei can pick locks. Battles are turn-based, with each combatant performing an action in sequence. You may attack with your weapon, use a spell, use an item, defend and lastly, flee. You may also swap equipment, but that is also considered an action. The characters are all different and have pros and cons, based on their roles.

    Some may be excellent spell casters, while others are better suited in close combat. Typical in the vast majority of RPGs, Breath of Fire 3 also uses a stat system which decides the effectiveness of a character in different areas of expertise. As they gain levels, their stats increase and they also learn new and more powerful abilities. Abilities can also be learned by completing side-quests scattered throughout the game. Although there are many side-activities and quests to complete, some may feel that it is not enough to warrant replaying the game, as the story is quite linear.

    Regardless, Breath of Fire 3 is an excellent game from many if not all points of view and RPG fans will not be disappointed. The Third episode of Breath of Fire is also the first made for the playstation.

    As in other episodes of the series, you control Ryu, member of the dragon clans. At first, you’re trapped in a giant ice crystal, but miners soon set you free. This is the start of a long journey where you’ll search your origins. In fights turn-based, as in most console RPGs , you have the ability to turn into a dragon. Will that be enough to get out of all the troubles awaiting?

    The game follows the adventures of Ryu the protagonist who is the sole survivor of the Dragon Clan, as he struggles to discover why his clan was wiped out. The adventure takes him to many places, on journeys thought impossible, and in the end he will discover power in the ability to choose his own future.

    As the last survivor of the Dragon Clan, Ryu must continue his struggle against the evil goddess Myria, who has taken over the world and now controls it. To fill in the timeline, this occurs after Breath of Fire II. The battle with Deathevan is not mentioned, so it can be assumed that Deathevan never reappeared or is never going to become a recurring villain. Capcom’s popular RPG series makes its way to the PlayStation, keeping intact the fierce fights, vast landscapes, and numerous hidden areas that made the first two BOF’s such tremendous hits.

    Throughout your journey you develop your characters strengths and attributes, while casting spells, picking up weapons, and battling sinister beings in your quest for peace. One new gameplay feature that makes a tremendous difference is the option to change camera angles.

    This makes it easier to spot hidden caverns that you might have missed otherwise. The 3D look is excellent, and although the game isn’t nearly complete, the introductory and fight scenes are awesome–especially the rail ride through the mines in the opening sequence. The characters, however, have a striking resemblance to those from the first two Breath adventures. Even the music is a variation on the classic bit themes!

    The mechanics are the same as before, which means easy-to-access battle menus where you pick spells, weapons, and other items. Otherwise, roaming from town to town is a breeze; basic navigation skills are all that are required.

    The story line features the Light Dragon clan pitted against the evil goddess Miria. All the addictive qualities of the first two outings are brewing, such as fierce battles, hidden areas, and plenty of landscape to explore–not to mention developing characters’ traits and abilities. There are also some new elements, like the ability to change camera angles while traveling, which makes it easier to find hidden caves. Although BOFIII isn’t a radical departure from the earlier games in the series, don’t let that turn you off; it’s reassuring ‘ to see that sprite graphics haven’t given way entirely to origami-style polygons.

    Breath of Fire III starts with the discovery of a tiny dragon that goes on a deadly rampage before it’s captured. The dragon escapes and is transformed into a young boy named Ryu, who is befriended by a pair of delinquents, whose thoughtless pranks get them captured by some truly evil people.

    Ryu is left for dead, but his dragon powers revive him, so he sets off in pursuit of his friends’ captors, unaware that he’s about to be drawn into an ever-deepening pool of danger, deceit, and death.

    Like earlier BOF titles, Ryu can befriend several partners during his epic journey. Nina, the princess of Windia, makes another appearance in the series, although in this game she’s apparently unrelated to her earlier incarnations.

    Ryu, too, shares the name of a character from the series, but he’s also unrelated. However, Gobi, from the first BOF game, makes a cameo appearance. Texture-mapped polygons are used to create the backgrounds, terrain, and buildings, while sprites are used to compose the various characters. More animation, colors, and special effects have been added to this version, but the look of the game will still be familiar to fans of the BOF games.

    The three-quarter-overhead view field map can be rotated somewhat so you can peek behind obstacles, but not to any great extent. Battles are fought directly on the field map, with characters and monsters displayed diagonally in one of four directions: Two are seen from the front and two from the rear. The battle system is turn-based with some consideration given to quickness: Characters move in sequence to their speed parameter. For example, in some battles you may want to use light armor so that your character moves quicker instead of heavy armor which can slow you down.

    Also, certain characters have speed parameters higher than their enemies and may get extra turns while fighting. Beyond the usual manual, magic, and item attacks, charcters can transform into dragons.

    Initially, only Ryu has the power to transform and only when he’s far into the game , but the other characters gain that power later. Transformation, though, requires crystals called Dragon Genes and AP magic points for the Genes chosen. By combining up to three Genes, different dragons can be created; the more Genes you use, the more powerful your dragon, though you’ll use more. AP is also consumed at a constant pace while the dragon is in battle.

    Finally, you can learn monster skills for special attacks and spells. The construction of Breath Of Fire Ill’s battle system–and of the whole game, for that matter–is very polished-thanks to excellent controls. You won’t be moaning about the way this game handles. The sound effects are fine, if not particularly inspired. In battle, the characters emit rudimentary shouts, screams, and spell names, but not much more. And even though the sounds can get annoying, they’re not anywhere near as badly done as the soundtrack.

    The music veers widely A from unmemorable electronica to hopeless schmaltz, and more often than not, it doesn’t add to the atmosphere of the story. The music seems more appropriate for a corporate infomercial than a heroic fantasy a heroic fantasy RPG.


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