Want Buff Alloy Wheels? Steps To Clean And Polish Rims

    Clean Alloy Wheels

    The car’s rims, the outer edge of the wheel, are the most attention-grabbing part of your vehicle for better drive and long-lasting security. Their primary purpose is holding tires and make up the outer circular design of the wheel. This outer circular design is inside the edge of the tire and is mounted on a vehicle such as an automobile. Moreover, aluminum alloy wheels are considered the most popular rims for cars and trucks as well.  These rims are lightweight yet strong. You can enhance its dimensional accuracy along surface finishing. Simultaneously aluminum alloys are easily pitted and corroded by brake dust and road debris. Moreover, it is hard to get those rims looking good again. This article has much-needed information about buff alloy wheels; continue reading for guidance.

    These buff alloy wheels require some essential steps for better performance, including a complete deep wash to remove dust and paint. It further requires:

    • A complete wash
    • Clay your wheel
    • Polish your wheel
    • Wax and Buff

    1) A complete wash

    This is the most fundamental step towards the appropriate yet effective buffing technique. First you need to have a complete and deep wash. Have you been observing heavy and brake dust bumping and settling into your paint? It’s the time to hose the down wheel rigorously. But, always remember keeping your vehicle away from water spray. Moreover, ensure that you always use none or low acid soap. You can also go with P21S Wheel cleaner if you are unaware of your wheel having a clear coat finish or not. This safety measure will clean the road debris and brake dust without harming the alloy and any clear coat that may be on the wheel.

    On the other hand, you also need to scrub the spokes and all the nooks and crannies with a soft bristle brush as dust not only reduces the efficiency of some parts of the vehicle but also damages the impression of your eye-catching vehicle due to plenty of brake dust and dirt. So car users prefer a soft bristle brush to easily slip in the splits and dislodge anything lurking there. Moreover, make sure that all wheels are wet while brushing and washing to save a vehicle from scratches and to make the washing process easy and fruitful. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Repeat the process until all wheels are clean and dry.

    2) Clay your wheel

    This step is geared towards removing stubborn dust and clay bar the rims utilizing detailing clay or lubricant. This makes your wheel stand out from the posers. According to automobile experts, Griots Garage Wheel Cleaning Clay is superb for your wheels. Moreover, you better need to protect wheels with the right choice of brushes having a claying bar for your paint job and another one just for the wheels. Also, never mix all of them when you go with lubricant.

    Now you need to get a piece of soft and pliable clay in your hand, then spray the wheels with lubricant. After that, start applying a small amount and cover a small area of the wheel at a time for thorough coverage. Continue with a circular motion and when the clay picks up a bit of debris, fold it and reuse while rubbing from another side. This practice prevents scratching the wheel.

    If you want smoothness with work without any damage or scratch, go with appropriate pressure while rubbing and removing the large piece of dirt, brake dust, and road debris. Also, if you want eye-catching cleanness and glossy shine on the surface of your vehicle, go with detailing clay. This removes microscopic debris that may be otherwise left unseen. This clay ensures to get the buffest alloy wheels around. So go clay after intense wash because it is important even if your alloy wheels have a machined or chrome finish.

    If you don’t want dirt and grime from splashing over your wheels, and surface opt for regular cleaning, including claying the wheels. Furthermore, you must go with a quick squirt of your lubricant and a quick wipe down with a soft Microsoft towel. Always wash, rinse, dry, and clay the wheel completely before moving to the next one.

    3) Polish your wheel

    Once your rims get the spit shine; your wheels are ready for buffing. This totally depends on you that, how you go with it to make it more useful and long-lasting. Another alternative is getting some powers in the form of a corded or cordless drill. Still confused? Consider choosing one of the products among many options to attract your drill to polish your wheels. Furthermore, you can opt for polishing by hands or make it with machines. According to experts, a mother makes PowerBall and powerCone that gets in the tight spots and makes this step easier than polishing by hands. But you must know about the wheels, either it has a clear coat or not, before making a choice about polish. You need clear coated polish, but your wheels are not fully covered; you can also apply more aggressive polishing made for metals. The best choice could be Shining Monkey Metal Polish Pad for wheels that are not coated. Also, you can go with Flitz Liquid with a clear coat for effective coverage.

    4) Wax and Buff

    The last and most important step is waxing and buffing the wheel. For that, we need to apply a thin coat of wax and buff with the polishing tool for smooth coverage. This tool provides appropriate wax on your wheels; the finish, just like wax on your can, protects the paint. It saves the car from brake dust and grim.


    The appropriate cleaning with accurate washing is essential to buff the wheel. Then go with rinsing, drying, and polishing the wheel to uplift its performance and appearance as well. This cleaning method makes the vehicle more eye-catching and providing a smooth finish and long-lasting protection from dust, road debris, and other damages. XM Luxury is providing more intense information in this regard.

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